financial literacy

Why to Teach Financial Literacy to Chidren – Parents Article

Parents are responsible for their children and are there to prevent them from making bad decisions such as starting a smoking habit or doing drugs but apart from these, parents are also given the often challenging task of ensuring a good financial future for their children and let them develop financial literacy. In a 2013 report by the Fiscal Times, 60% of all 50 states ranked low in teaching financial literacy to high school students – an alarming development that…

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Live a Brighter Life, Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor – Gessa Condino – Single Mum, Parents Article

As a mom of 3, singlehandedly raising them is no joke. Taking care of the financial needs is part of my role. Ever since I became a mom, I never rely on my parents when it comes to my kids’ needs; this became a more challenging on my part when the youngest arrived. And things got ever more interesting when I needed to move to a new home where only my kids and I live. I may have not blessed…

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