A Way to Protect Your Relationships from Political (and Other) Arguments – Single Dad, Parents Article

(Image/A Conscious Rethink) Donald Trump is President of the United States in 2019. Even for non-Americans, that fact can elicit radically different reactions. In the United States, these opposing, often intense, emotional reactions will poison the Thanksgiving dinner conversations of many family gatherings next month. These conversations will make friends, neighbors, and co-workers angry with each other as we head toward the 2020 presidential election. And these differences will sometimes cause division between two people who vowed to love and…

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Problem Solving to Reduce Fighting and Aggression – Parents Article

  Problem Solving to Reduce Fighting and Aggression It’s not uncommon for children to argue over a toy or become frustrated when they are told “no.” Fighting and aggression—whether it’s in the form of name calling, pushing, hitting, or refusing to share—are common responses when children lack problem-solving skills. It’s important to teach young children the value of playing cooperatively and getting along with others. Teaching your child how to solve problems and conflicts is a skill that will help them…

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