Whitsunday: The Wild Goose | The Parenting Passageway – Parents Article

When we had Leonbergers, we frequently took them to our closest large lake to swim.  We swam on days in the late summer and early autumn when the leaves were changing and no one was really around.  One day I pulled up to the lake, ready for our preschooler and baby and dog to swim, only to find our car literally surrounded by so many geese I couldn’t open the door.  Our dog was lying peacefully on the floor, but…

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Meethi Seviyan/ Sweet Vermicelli – A healthy dessert recipe – Parents Article

Meethi Seviyan/ Sweet Vermicelli is a delicious Indian dessert made with seviyan (whole wheat vermicelli), ghee, milk, dry fruits and sugar. In this recipe i have replaced refined sugar with jaggery powder. Meethi Seviyan is usually served on special occasions and during festivals like Eid. This recipe is very simple and you do not need to make any syrup. Just roast the vermicelli and dry fruits in ghee. Cook it in milk. Add jaggery powder, cook for few more minutes…

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15 Beautiful Children’s Books about India – Parents Article

This Republic Day, introduce kids to various aspects of our great country through these children’s books about India. Learn about art, monuments and more! Republic Day comes along every January, and so does Independence Day every August. We usually have a flag hoisting ceremony and return home. Maybe we’ll watch the parade on TV, but that’s about as far as our celebrations will go. However, as parents, treating these days as just another holiday undermines their value in the eyes…

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