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Hagar’s Story – 5 Things Single Moms Should Know & Be Encouraged By – Single Mum, Parents Article

I’d first like to be clear in that I am no bible scholar nor a theologian. Hagar’s story exemplifies the purpose of  why I created. Dreams of My Own. I’m simply a believer who loves to dig deeper in the Word of God, especially when historical accounts seem all too familiar to the challenges I and others I personally know have faced, or is significant to what I wish to seek answers for. I’ve had some time researching the Hagar’s Story, praying for…

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Pray Together To Stay Together And Be Strong Together. – Single Mum, Parents Article

Growing up, this was a very common statement. Not only was is stated, it was expected and practiced daily. There was no eating without praying. No sleeping with out praying. There was no leaving the home without praying. It was apart of our lives and it was what we do. “Does prayer exist in today’s families and relationships?” Today, too many couples are “coupling up” as a result of physical attraction and disregarding the ordained attraction. Relationships today fail to include…

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Ecclesiastes 3 | A Time, A Season, Appointed Under Heaven ⋆ Dreams of My Own – Single Mum, Parents Article

A Time Such As These… “And when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be afraid for these things are going to happen first, but the end will not have yet arrived.” – Luke 21:9 There certainly is a lot too talk about these days that it can drive someone to the edge. Facebook feed posts, in-person conversations, news/media headlines… ones sanity has got to be seriously curated and invested in. Ecclesiastes 3 just dropped in my spirit and…

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