Father’s Day

Podcast Episode: Father’s Day – Dad and Buried – Parents Article

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but this Sunday is Father’s Day. Yeah, dads get a day too, I’m as weirded out as you are. But we are parents too, after all, some might even say equal partners in this whole debacle. Not me though. You can stuff your parenting equality in a sack! I want no part of it. I am plenty satisfied with my low bar, thank you very much. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I…

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The Single Dad’s Guide To Fake News: Volume 27 – Single Dad, Parents Article

Hello, all you purveyors of the utterly obscene.  I realize you haven’t had your injection of National Enquirer this month.  Buzzfeed doesn’t give you the buzz it once did.  Or maybe TMZ has become a little too mainstream for your taste.  Have we got a news report for you!  (Minus the pornographic pizza parlors of course.)  It’s the Single Dad’s Guide to the absurd.   The monthly roundup of today’s headlines twisted and brought directly to you from the mind of…

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20 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Amazing Dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

When the calendar rolls past the month of May and into June, leaving the Memorial Holiday in the dust, everyone turns to the next celebration on the map: Father’s Day.  Nowadays, these parent holidays are unique.  Frequently, on Facebook, you can hear about all the Single Dad’s being wished a happy Mother’s Day, and on Father’s Day, you hear celebrations for the mothers taking on the role of father.  As sad as these circumstances are, we all have male figures…

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