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Single Dad Holidays – Our Top 5 Destinations – Single Dad, Parents Article

Do you feel like your family is in desperate need of a vacation? But are you also scared to embark on a family holiday as a single dad? Don’t worry, there are amazing destinations perfect for single parents that will not only provide your kids with plenty of adventure and excitement but also allow you to relax, unwind, bond with your little ones and have some much-needed fun! Here are a few places you might consider for your vacation.  …

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Mudpuppy Puzzles Are Perfect for Travel! – Double Duty Twins (Plus One!) – Parenting Twins Article

Military life comes with frequent moves. That often means being far away from family and friends—and driving or flying long distances to visit them. So, military kids often do a lot of traveling. My children are the perfect example. My twin boys logged at least five cross-country airplane flights by the time they were 2. My daughter took a 3,000-mile road trip with us at 5 weeks old when we moved from California to Virginia. Over the past two years, we’ve driven to New York to…

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