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Benefits of Being in the School Play – Parents Article

March is the traditional month for middle and high schoolers to stage their school plays and musicals.   Parents should support these important extracurricular activities if your child show interest in them, as they have many of the same advantages afforded by joining sports teams. Take a look at these skills and benefits!     Skills. Organization. If you tried to put on a play or musical without being organized, it probably would not go very well! This is a great…

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November Checklist for School Success – Parents Article

Keeping a monthly checklist during the academic year is a great way to make sure your kids are on target for school success. The November checklist is below, and don’t forget to download the November Checklist for School Success so you can check items off!     Review goals. This will be an ongoing activity. You’ve made goals together about grades, class participation and behavior, extracurricular activities and personal objectives. How are they progressing? Discuss, and then ask for evidence. Prepare for…

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Eight Ideas to Make Reading Enjoyable for Kids – Parents Article

Does your child enjoy reading? If not, we’ve put together some ideas to help change your child’s views of reading to be more positive! 8 Ideas to Make Reading More Enjoyable for Kids 1. Give them a choice of what to read. Most of a child’s day is filled with adults telling them what to do and when to do it. Give your child some control back by letting him or her select the books he or she wants to…

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