Family Law

Separation myths that are complete bullsh*t – Single Mum, Parents Article

Let’s talk about separation myths. Separating from a long term partner can turn your world upside down. Beyond the day-to-day reality of simply surviving through the shock, coping on your own and then having to somehow explain it all to the kids, you also have to tackle all the annoying financial and legal stuff that you’d rather just bury in the sand (probably along with your head!). On top of that, you’ll be flooded with questionably ‘helpful’ advice from family…

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Cross examination by an abuser – Single Mum, Parents Article

In June 2018 a Bill was introduced to Federal Parliament to amend the Family Law Act 1975. The Bill, which was passed by both Houses of Parliament on 5 December 2018, has put a ban on personal cross examination in family law matters involving violence. PERSONAL CROSS EXAMINATION Cross examination is the process by which one party questions the other party in Court. Cross examination is a very important part of a fair trial, which is fundamental to our justice…

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