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Ideas for family holidays with kids – Parenting Twins Article

Searching for dream homes in Australia Ways to keep kids cool in summer We’ve been in Australia for just over three years now. We’ve taken lots of short breaks since moving here to all kinds of stunning places, but what I’ve really been craving is a family holiday. Long gone are the days when we would enjoy hiking or romantic city breaks: now we LOVE family island holidays. Somewhere with white beaches and palm trees. Where we can swim in…

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Why I love browsing for cheap kids’ holidays – Parenting Twins Article

Ways to keep kids cool in summer Do you feel like parenting is the best, and the hardest, job in the world? When I was younger, we always took last minute holidays. Almost all of our trips abroad were booked as late deals – we usually had an idea that we wanted to go somewhere on a certain week but were pretty open about where we might end up. We used to get excited and read all of the holiday…

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