Family Dynamics

How to Turn Children of Any Age into Readers – Parents Article

Source: Pezibear/Pixabay Once a year, out of town friends visit for several days. I have to be sure to have a stack of books on hand for Allie, their now 17-year-old daughter. She plows through them—one after another. The cell phone at her side doesn’t seem to slow down her reading. Reading has been her default preference since she started reading by herself. I asked her mother how she had turned Allie into such a voracious reader. Her mother says she…

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Can You Handle Your Children’s 3,351 Conflicts? – Parents Article

Source: Jordan Whitt/Unsplash Few would argue that a second or third child adds to parental time pressures and stress. With the arrival of a new baby, previous routines go out the window. Many parents think that as children get older, their lives will become more manageable, easier. This is a misconception if only because they do not factor in other, less-talked-about aspects of sibling life—the jealousy, the vying for parental attention, the feelings of favoritism, the potential bullying, and the…

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10 Ways to Be a Happier Mother – Parents Article

Source: Magdelana-Smolnika/Unsplash One of my step-daughters is and has been my role model for how to live and more specifically, how to be a mother. She raised her children in an easy-going manner: her parenting style is high on humor, but low on perfection and the overachievement-geared forces that drive parents today. And, she’s happy. Whenever I ask her how she did it, she shrugs her shoulders. It’s as if to say that she’s like all other mothers. But most…

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