Family Dynamics

Can You Handle Your Children’s 3,351 Conflicts? – Parents Article

Source: Jordan Whitt/Unsplash Few would argue that a second or third child adds to parental time pressures and stress. With the arrival of a new baby, previous routines go out the window. Many parents think that as children get older, their lives will become more manageable, easier. This is a misconception if only because they do not factor in other, less-talked-about aspects of sibling life—the jealousy, the vying for parental attention, the feelings of favoritism, the potential bullying, and the…

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10 Ways to Be a Happier Mother – Parents Article

Source: Magdelana-Smolnika/Unsplash One of my step-daughters is and has been my role model for how to live and more specifically, how to be a mother. She raised her children in an easy-going manner: her parenting style is high on humor, but low on perfection and the overachievement-geared forces that drive parents today. And, she’s happy. Whenever I ask her how she did it, she shrugs her shoulders. It’s as if to say that she’s like all other mothers. But most…

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