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When a child has 24-7 needs, mothers bear the costs ~ Special needs disability parenting BLOOM – Parents Article

An early photo of two of Sheila Jennings’ childrenBy Louise KinrossAs the mom of a son who had severe asthma and a life-threatening immune condition, Sheila Jennings learned firsthand that it was impossible to work outside the home and tend to her child with complex health needs. “My interest in the support rights of mothers of severely disabled children began after I got divorced and set up my law practice while caring for three children,” she says. “My son missed…

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‘Our nursery programs are a model for social change’ ~ Special needs disability parenting BLOOM – Parents Article

BLOOM: How did you get into this field?Silvia Souto: After studying psychology and education at university, I worked in special education services in Argentina with children from infants to age five. When my husband and I came to Canada, and were trying to improve our English, my ESL teacher encouraged me to look into Bloorview. You will talk to people who have similar interests, she said, and it will help your vocabulary. I came for a visit and was accepted…

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In nursing ‘everything good comes from the heart’ ~ Special needs disability parenting BLOOM – Parents Article

BLOOM: What is it like working with this population? Shevonne Thatham: It’s about empowering the families and giving them that hope and courage that their child will make it home. Some of these kids were diagnosed at birth, so it was life changing for their parents. It’s giving them that hope that everything is okay, despite their differences. You can still have a life and a family.BLOOM: You must develop very deep connections with these kids. Shevonne Thatham: Yes. They…

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