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Mother Of All Baby Showers- Are they coming to a city near you? – Single Mum, Parents Article

The Mother of All Baby Showers is honestly something I heard of and was told “If you are looking for a cool event- that is one you NEED TO attend!”  Well– here I am- pregnant and one is actually close enough to check out so I am super excited to be checking out the event in Pittsburgh this week. You can too!!  Use code MOMMYHASALIFE50OFF for 50% off your ticket! BUT- there are OTHER events in OTHER cities across the…

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Check out Netflix’s True and The Rainbow Kingdom NEW EPISODES! – Single Mum, Parents Article

True and The Rainbow Kingdom now has two more stand-alone titles that are being released TODAY:  TRUE: MAGICAL FRIENDS and TRUE: WONDERFUL WISHES each with 5 episodes…for a total of 10 NEW EPISODES!   If you haven’t seen the first season of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, this preschool series follows 8-year-old True and her best friend, a cat, Bartleby, as they help the whimsical citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom, a really cool universe that is colorful, bright, and happy, filled with delightful…

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