All in good time – broke-single-dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

It hasn’t been plain sailing in the BSD household recently, and I’m squarely to blame. Youngest cub has made the quantum leap to being potty trained. A real milestone in the transition from toddler to child. I’m ever so proud of him; he even goes to the bathroom standing up, after observing daddy in some uncomfortably candid moments. I was conscious of this milestone as he entered the schooling system last September. His birthday is in late August and he…

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Editing Scripts – broke-single-dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

After a rather successful half-term holiday break, I haven’t seen the cubs for a few days. They’re with me for the next four days but I’ve missed them terribly. I pick them up from after-school club on what was for me a testing day at work. All stresses fell away after I saw them. Youngest came out first, looking thoroughly fed up; 50% of him seemed to consist of tomato soup, the folly of a white, cotton school top. Driving…

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Shared Experience – Dad the Single GuyDad the Single Guy – Single Dad, Parents Article

My kids have had their first Grateful Dead experience – and it was a success.  We shared the experience last night at Madison Square Garden as Dead and Company covered three hours or so of material.  As we were heading home, I realized this is just the latest in the shared experience my girls and I have. Through academic achievement, school performance and athletic endeavor, my girls have allowed me to share in the experience of their lives.  Seeing their…

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