The boys are back town – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. – Single Dad, Parents Article

The boys are back in town. Well I hope it’s ‘The Boys’ as we might get a plague of Gerbils soon. Three is plenty. The pet shop certainly saw us coming with the line – they have always been together, such a shame to separate them. To be fair to the G Team (can’t believe someone came up with a rodent G Force before me) they are exceptionally friendly, clean and don’t eat much. When I say don’t eat much.…

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Iceland: Round the Ring Road In 6 Days – Parents Article

The Ring Road is a road circling Iceland that can be driven in 24 hrs straight.  My favorite feature of Iceland was discovering the ever shifting geology and scenery along the way. The 2 lane drive had the unhurried feel of a back country road,  rustic and untouched.   One minute we’d stumble upon glaciers and icebergs in a pond, and the next there would be volcanic rock and black sand beaches.    The serenity lulled us into such a sense of…

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