Trauma and the Brain | RYAN NORTH – Foster Parents Article

Trauma and the Brain | RYAN NORTH | BLOG Skip to content Chris talks with Ryan and Kayla about how the brain processes trauma, and how this affects our kids’ relationships with us and the world at large. Join our Facebook Community Ryan North Ryan North is the Executive Director of Tapestry, the Adoption & Foster Care Ministry of Irving Bible Church in Dallas, Texas. As Executive Director of Tapestry, Ryan also……

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Are you Leading at Home? | RYAN NORTH – Foster Parents Article

Leadership is important, very important. It is a highly valued commodity in the corporate world. So much so, that according to a study by Deloitte, American companies spent $14 billion on leadership development in 2012. I can only imagine what the 2017 number looks like. But leadership isn’t only valuable in offices and boardrooms across the country, leadership is important in families too. I believe that parenting is a leadership exercise. I also believe that leaders should never ask their people…

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