A Day Without A Woman; Protesting The Protest – Single Dad, Parents Article

The need for women is no more or less essential than the need for men. Mothers are no more important than fathers. Wives are no more important than husbands. However, I don’t hear any men threatening to stay home to protest the fact that they are much more likely to die or be injured in workplace accidents (because they are more likely to take the dangerous and higher paying jobs). I don’t hear men threatening to stay home because they…

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My Rights As A Father, Do Not Care About Your Feelings – Single Dad, Parents Article

Yesterday morning, the Friday before Father’s Day, I joined men and women across the country in standing for parental equality and fathers’ rights at the fourth annual Fatherless Day Equal Parenting Rally. I stood at the state Capitol in Austin, TX with 50+ people; both men and women who are sick of the injustices of the American “family” court system. People who are sick of seeing Fathers treated like second-class citizens, or ATM’s. I spoke to men who have not…

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Hey Women; You Are Not Oppressed! – Single Dad, Parents Article

Yes, I know all the standard rhetoric spewed by feminists and liberal politicians. “it’s a fact, there are more sexual assaults now than ever before!”“it’s been proven that women are paid less than men!”“women have a right to affordable healthcare and abortions!” Well ladies (and gentlemen who have put your testicles away for safe keeping), at the risk of surely being labeled a sexist and misogynist, I’m just going to say what everyone else is afraid to say to you;…

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