Week 44 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

Celebrating… one year seizure free for Logan.  It’s completely surreal to me that he hasn’t had a seizure in twelve months after how many he had in 2018.  I remember thinking this day would never come.  I couldn’t imagine him going a month without a seizure, let alone an entire year.  It took five medications to find the one that has worked for him long term, and the one he is on now took a leap of faith to put…

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Week 2 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

Watching… Christopher Robin with Logan, Wyatt & Carly on movie night. It was such a cute movie, I didn’t want to miss a minute. Pooh said so many quotable things!! I absolutely loved it!!  I also watched Birdbox on Netflix this week, with Josh, and it was really good.  Highly recommend both. Undecorating… for the holidays.  I did this slowly, over the course of several days, which is very unlike me, but the boys’ school schedule was weird this year…

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5 Ways to Get It All Done – Parents Article

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him,    for God is our refuge. Psalm 62:8 I wake up every Monday morning a little anxious. Ok if we are being real here, I wake up Monday mornings more than a little anxious.  Mondays for me can feel a little overwhelming with reviewing all I have to get done for the week. It starts really on Sunday evenings. Do you ever feel that way? I always said we need…

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