9 Business Ideas for your kids – Parents Article

Kids are brilliant! They have an ignorance and idealism that combines perfectly to create new ideas and solutions that adults tend to overlook. Our unwillingness to look at the world in a different light prevents us from making a change, but children are doing it all of the time now. These days many kids are even starting their own businesses. Astonished? Well, you have children as young as six putting a concept into action and starting their own brands. Some…

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I Quit My Job: Time Management, Schedules and Big Fat Lies Told to Entrepreneurs – Single Mum, Parents Article

by Evelyn Terry | May 16, 2017 | Business, Entrepreneur, Lets Talk | The National Black Film Festival was here last week and one of the questions asked was ‘how do you manage your family time’? When I first left radio, I thought that I would have more time, buuuuuuuuut I was so wrong. Even without a full time job, time still seems to escape me EVERY SINGLE DAY! I quickly learned that I needed to set a…

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Did He Just Call ME Average? – Single Mum, Parents Article

by Evelyn Terry | May 16, 2017 | Lets Talk | Did he just call me regular?? Here is the latest video that journeys my road to full-time entrepreneurship! Find out what happened when a colleague called me ‘regular’ and why you should remove this term from YOUR vocabulary! As always, I love you all. Thanks for your DM’s, messages, inboxes and checking on me. The journey continues…. Be sure to subscribe for updates and exclusive prizes on…

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