Week 26 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

{pc: Aunt Roxanne} Having… my sister over along with her kids on Saturday.  It was a really fun day, and I was so glad to spend the day with her.  She even curled Carly’s hair while she was here with my new wand from Ulta, and Carly looked so darn cute! I enjoyed loving on my niece Romy & seeing all the kids snuggled up on the couch together watching a movie during movie night.  They’re just so sweet together.Trading……

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Week 19 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

Grocery shopping… with all four kids Saturday to get it out of the way, and feeling amazed at how quickly we were done.  We really can divide and conquer and man, are we fast!!! Taking… Wyatt to a birthday party in the park this weekend and having the best time with all four kids. Watching… Brain Child with the kids on Netflix.  We’ve only watched one episode so far, but the kids can’t wait to watch more.  (We all learned…

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