Why single mums are super heroes – Single Mum, Parents Article

Why single mums are really super heroes.The life of a single mum can be peppered with self-doubt. Always worrying if you’re a good mum or not. Whether you’re doing everything right. It saps your strength. Sort of like Superman’s Kryptonite.Just the other day I was chatting to a close friend and single mother to her grown-up son. She admitted that, even now, she still has uncertainties. So one day, whilst crying into her proverbial milk, she asked her son about…

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FCAA Member Builds Foster Awareness Through Pageant Platform – Foster Parents Article

14 Jul FCAA Member Builds Foster Awareness Through Pageant Platform On July 29th, Jamerika will compete for the National Ms. USA Ambassador title in Tampa, FL. I first learned about pageants from watching Miss America. I admired the sparkly gowns, polished on-stage answers and bright stage lights. I too felt like I could be the next Miss America. However once the telecast was over, so was my daydream of being in a pageant. I was five-years-old when I went into foster…

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