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8 Tips For Parents On How To Prevent Bullying In Middle School – Parents Article

            Though it may seem contradictory, the sudden increase in social awareness that middle schoolers experience makes them more prone to bullying. Children in this age group are so hyper-sensitive to social dynamics that they frequently become highly reactive, competitive, and critical. This isn’t a personality flaw; instead, it’s a sign that the brain’s limbic system is operating in overdrive. This causes teens to take uncalculated risks, aggressively seek social rewards, and experience emotions with particular intensity. It is, in…

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How To Teach Your Child Deal With Frustration And Prevent Meltdowns – Parents Article

Few things about children baffle parents and teachers as much as sudden meltdowns. Sometimes a child is generally caring, gregarious, and insightful, but the moment she becomes frustrated by a task, fireworks begin. If this only happens occasionally, it’s probably nothing to worry about. When it happens frequently, however, it can lead to problems with learning and socialization.            If your child struggles with chronic meltdowns, the first thing to understand is that they’re generally not as sudden and unpredictable as…

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