TB12 Helps You Find Your It Factor: Week 3 – Single Dad, Parents Article

Hi, and welcome to another week on the TB-12 plant-based protein,  measuring the energy levels as well and monitoring weight loss and fitness in general.  It’s been a heck of a ride for these past few weeks and I am grateful TB-12 assisted in my journey back to fitness.  It’s really easy to stall out when you don’t have some external pressure promoting improved performance.  For each person, this tends to be a different thing.  But every person has to…

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TB12 Protein Inspired Improved Performance – Week 2 – Single Dad, Parents Article

***TB-12 Sports provided me with the plant-based protein supplement for review and consideration.  While I was provided the TB-12 protein for free, all the thoughts expressed herein are my own.*** When it comes to beginning exercise routines, getting started means walking the gauntlet.  Baptism by fire.  It is someone sucker punching you and walking away laughing.  You may have begun with a sense of optimism but it quickly fades as your body reminds you why you don’t enjoy lifting those…

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