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What to prioritise in your first month of business – Single Mum, Parents Article

While the entire lifecycle of a business is filled with conflicting priorities and ups and downs, the first month of a business’s life demands a lot of attention. As a business owner, you will be shifting your responsibilities on a constant basis. New problems will emerge just as you finish solving other issues.This is why knowing how to prioritise your time during the first month after opening your business is essential to survive and succeed. Ignoring the things that can…

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Why a single mum makes a brilliant business mum – Single Mum, Parents Article

This is the era of the mumpreneur. And I, for one, am a business mum who is exceptionally proud to be part of it. We are an ever-growing group of mothers who have ditched the nine-to-five and are creating businesses we are passionate about. These businesses create income and, best of all, fit around our mum lives so we don’t miss the precious moments as our children grow up. Every day I am contacted by a fellow biz mum looking…

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