Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dad and Buried – Parents Article

Ever wonder if I’m gonna have another kid? (Please.) How I deal with tantrums? (Not well.) What I miss most about my pre-fatherhood life? (Everything!) Well you’re in luck! In the latest episode of the Dad and Buried Podcast – our 30th, because somehow we’ve been doing this for more than half a year already – my co-host Pete and I answered a ton of questions from listeners. We talked about the first time we met each other, what we’d…

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Spread Too Thin – Dad and Buried – Parents Article

Today, instead of putting my son on the bus and going straight to work, I took him to school so I could visit his class for “First Fridays.” First Fridays are a monthly occurrence on which parents are allowed – and encouraged – drop in on school and find out what our kids are working on. Afterwards, on the train – in the middle of wondering WTF common core is all about – I suddenly realized I’d completely forgotten to…

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