Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dad and Buried – Parents Article

Ever wonder if I’m gonna have another kid? (Please.) How I deal with tantrums? (Not well.) What I miss most about my pre-fatherhood life? (Everything!) Well you’re in luck! In the latest episode of the Dad and Buried Podcast – our 30th, because somehow we’ve been doing this for more than half a year already – my co-host Pete and I answered a ton of questions from listeners. We talked about the first time we met each other, what we’d…

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Couple Time – Dad and Buried – Parents Article

Last weekend, my wife and I got a babysitter and went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. This picture was taken on the subway on the way to dinner. That’s my decidedly less glittery hand holding up Mom and Buried’s phone so she can properly apply her eyeliner (I assume it’s eye liner? Don’t @ me!). For the record: she swears she didn’t realize the scarf matched her iPhone case, and I believe her, because she impulsively grabbed the scarf…

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Spread Too Thin – Dad and Buried – Parents Article

Today, instead of putting my son on the bus and going straight to work, I took him to school so I could visit his class for “First Fridays.” First Fridays are a monthly occurrence on which parents are allowed – and encouraged – drop in on school and find out what our kids are working on. Afterwards, on the train – in the middle of wondering WTF common core is all about – I suddenly realized I’d completely forgotten to…

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