domestic violence

What Nightmares Are Made Of – Single Mum, Parents Article

Seven. That’s how many times, on average, it takes a victim of intimate partner violence to leave the abuser. Seven. Seven incidents of humiliation. Seven incidents of confusion. Seven incidents of thinking, I can’t believe this happened to me. Seven incidents of self-blaming and self-loathing. Seven incidents of thinking, But maybe it’ll get better if only I could love harder/be more supportive/be less demanding. Seven. Some victims leave long before. Some leave long after. All are scarred for many, many years following the…

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Because I Said So- The official Blog of Author and Mom Blogger Dawn Meehan – Single Mum, Parents Article

photo:  CC Shaw Air Force Base Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Everyone knows what those pink t-shirts, socks, and ribbons represent.   However, how many people know that October is also Domestic Violence Awareness month? I used to work with a teacher who had scars on her arms. When she wore a shirt that didn’t come up to her neck, a scar was visible on her chest.…

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