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How To Avoid The Three Most Harmful Parenting Traps – Parents Article

           No matter how well you think you’ve prepared yourself for parenting, moments will arise that stress you to your breaking point. You will inevitably react unfavourably at times and make mistakes. The good news is that this is usually nothing an apology, explanation, and change of course can’t fix. The bad news is that if these short-sighted responses begin to form a pattern, you could very easily fall into a damaging parenting “trap.” And, because habits become harder and…

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5 Tips For Managing A Disrespectful Child – Parents Article

At some point, every parent has to deal with disrespectful behaviour from his or her child. Whether it’s something as minor as ignoring your requests or as upsetting as a string of curses and insults, your child will sometimes express himself in unproductive ways. When this happens, first and foremost you must understand that you’re not alone and your child’s behaviour is not your fault. Furthermore, know that with the right approach, disrespectful behaviour can usually be corrected.             While…

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