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How Integrity Leads the Way in Supporting Foster Families (VIDEO) – Foster Parents Article

When you are truly passionate about something, it shines through. Our passion? Supporting the foster children of Arkansas. And that starts with supporting you as a foster parent. Learn more about what makes our foster services so special as we speak with two incredible foster mothers and our Children’s Services Director, Tim Bordsen. [Transcript] Tim: “My name is Tim Bordsen and I am one of the Program Directors at Integrity Inc. I have been here since January of 1995 and…

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Checklist to Help You Welcome a Foster Child With Disabilities – Foster Parents Article

In many ways, offering foster care for children with disabilities is very similar to welcoming a typical foster child. By learning more about the child’s disability and needs, you can be sure that you offer them the best possible experience. Your training period is over and your first placement call has just arrived – now what? Properly preparing your home and family to provide foster care for children with disabilities and learning as much about the child as possible can…

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