10 Outdoors Spring Activities to do With Kids With Developmental Disabilities – Foster Parents Article

Playing outside provides more benefits than just fresh air. When the sun is out and the weather is warm enough to spend playtime outdoors, it is the perfect time to work outside on some activities to enhance your child’s motor skills. For children with developmental disabilities, time spent outdoors can be very valuable for both gross motor and fine motor skills and development. Having lots of space and new terrain makes for a new set of challenges, but also a…

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This Is For Every Child With A Special Need – Foster Parents Article

Like many of you, we watched Kodi Lee’s performance on America’s Got Talent last week through tears and celebration. But his performance meant something beyond deep and meaningful for every child with a special need, and their parents. You can do anything!   You are not discredited or disqualified because you have a disability, or a special need! You are equal to all human beings! These were some of the thoughts that raced through my mind, as tears streamed down…

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