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Panic & Fear About Technology — Especially Social Media – Media! Tech! Parenting! – Parents Article

Do you find yourself nervous and at wits end about all the problems with social media and kids? Do you dread hearing the next news report about kids, screens, and digital addiction because it feels too close to home? Are you regularly worried about the intensity of your own digital activities? Few people will argue with the notion that our digital world needs tweaking. With data collecting running amock, hackers breaking into corporations around the world, bad actors using social…

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Video from The Atlantic Addresses Sharenting Issues – Parents Article

Video from The Atlantic. Questions to Consider How do you feel about sharing photos of children before they have a say about what is shared? How might an extensive digital dossier of photos affect a child when he or she reaches elementary or middle school? Should we pay more attention early-on to a child’s privacy […] This is only a snippet of a Parents Article written by Marti Weston Read Full Parenting Article

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