Dear Parent: You Are Not Failing – Parents Article

In this episode: A mom is at her wit’s end and describes a series of challenging family separations and transitions, including the birth of a sibling. Now one of her twins yells and screams from morning until night. The other twin is defiant and “is always telling me ‘no’ and doing things he knows he’s not supposed to be doing.” This mom says their behavior is so extreme she spends most of the day in tears and then ends up…

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Is It Disobedience Or Survival? – Foster Parents Article

| Share | Tweet | Pin It | email We are excited to kick off a brand new season of The Honestly Adoption Podcast. Beginning with this new season, we are also featuring the show on YouTube. Check it out.. Click Here To Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel For the next several weeks we are asking the question, “Is it disobedience or something else?” The reality is, children who have experienced significant trauma display behaviors that can often be misinterpreted as…

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Stop Being a Captive to Your Children’s Emotions – Parents Article

In this episode: A mother of two (3 and 5 years old) writes that she became a parent “with every intention of validating my children’s emotions and teaching them emotional expression.” Now she feels that perhaps her good intentions have backfired, and that her children’s whining and crying aren’t always genuine but may instead be an act. She says, “It’s as if they play the dramatic role for me, but they can just as quickly shift out of it.” She’s…

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