How To Declutter – Single Mum, Parents Article

It seems like the bigger space you live in, the more you will accumulate. It creeps up on you over time. You buy stuff for your kids, your house, your spouse, and even yourself. Next thing you know, you have clutter. Use these tips to help you declutter. Invest in ContainersSometimes, the problem is not the amount of stuff you have, but where you put it. When you put your unused items in containers, this is an orderly way to…

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Downsizing – Single Mum, Parents Article

On the left are the old blanket, beach towel and a box the same size as the erstwhile radio alarm clock.On the right are the new downsized items.So you declutter the clutter, you declutter the doubles and the multiples, then you declutter deeper. You declutter excess storage and newly vacated furniture, and then where do you go? I’m not aiming for a 33 item wardrobe or to fit all my belongings into a back pack, or even the boot of…

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Simplicity Parenting Toy List | Lies About Parenting – Parents Article

Ready to put the Simplicity Parenting book into action? I remember the start of my journey being exciting but overwhelming. One of the things I was never able to locate (and I research online for a living!) was a Simplicity Parenting Toy List that could offer some advice.A list would have made things so much easier. What I needed was a simple list to help me figure out what to keep from my child’s overwhelming toy collection. In addition, I…

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