Debt and Credit

10 things to do now to prepare for the recession – Single Mum, Parents Article

Economists are warning of a recession. This post will help you prepare for a higher chance of unemployment, investment losses and general financial instability.First: What is a recession?A recession is a downturn in the economy. On a broader scale, this means that businesses lose money and industry produces less product for two quarters — or six months — in a row.What does a recession mean for everyday people? Recessions are typically marked by higher unemployment rate, wages that do not…

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How to afford anyting — no matter your income – Single Mum, Parents Article

You may be thinking about buying things you currently can’t afford — or don’t think you can afford, yet. Would you like to buy a home, new car, or go on vacation? What about a college education? Maybe you’re saving up for a divorce, retirement or want to pay off debt.Whatever your goal, take action steps to get there. Seek ways to earn more, save money through frugal living and budgeting, and consider financing options.This post will help you understand…

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Make life easier with one payment – Single Dad, Parents Article

If you’re drowning in high-interest debt or tired of paying multiple bills each month, debt consolidation is a smart solution to consider. Whether your debt includes credit cards, student loans, medical bills or car payments, juggling these expenses can be stressful — or even impossible. By consolidating your debt into a single, new loan, you can reduce your debt burden down to a single payment each month and potentially lower your interest rate, too. But, which company should you trust…

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