Single Dad’s Guide To Jury Duty Part 4: The Deliberation Room – Single Dad, Parents Article

Every good thing must come to an end.  Whether you consider Jury Duty a good thing one might debate.  But no one can deny the pull of the Single Dad’s Guide to Jury Duty.  (Shhhh!!!  No comments from the peanut gallery!)  We spent our time covering what to do inside the room you wait for jury service.  We developed strategies designed to get you in trouble before the judge.  And we passed ourselves off as knowledgeable individuals capable of knowing…

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The Beauty Behind All My Dating Breakups – Single Dad, Parents Article

On Thursday I came back to writing after taking a blogging hiatus (more or less) for the past few years. In my first blog entry back, I told you about all the breakups I’ve had with women the last few years. Yesterday I told you about the pretty Belgian woman who got me to thinking about what dating has become. So, where were we in that whole discussion?Oh, that’s right. I had just come back from Europe with a new…

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