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Dear Lila: You’re Seven Years Old! – Parenting Twins Article

Dear Lila, A few days ago you turned the big SEVEN! I keep telling you that you’re not allowed to get any older, but for some reason you’re not listening. 😉 This year you’ve been more excited about your birthday than any other year. We’ve been planning your party for months now and you woke up beyond excited. Daddy and I set up donuts with candles, balloons, rainbow flowers and presents for you in the kitchen. You got dressed up…

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Dear Lila: You’re Six Year’s Old! – Parenting Twins Article

Dear Lila, A few weeks ago you officially turned six. I can’t believe how much you’re growing up right before my eyes. You are abeautiful little girl inside and out.   For your birthday we give you the option to do a party or an experience and for two years now you’ve chosen an experience (which I secretly love). We spent the weekend of your birthday, just you, me and daddy, in Chicago. We took you to all our favorite…

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Dear Lila, You’re Five! | A Batty Life – Parenting Twins Article

Dear Lila Kate, You turned five years old on November 18! I wanted to write you a post on your actual birthday, but of course things got a bit hectic. You and your brothers sure do keep me on my toes! This year for your birthday we celebrated at Disney World by taking you and your cousin Reagan to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. You girls were in heaven getting your hair done, nails painted, glitter put everywhere etc. I love…

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