Dana Che Williams

Goodbye to our 2019 Featured Experts – Single Mum, Parents Article

Time sure has flown! 2019 came and went, and now we are bringing in the new decade! We had an inspiring group of 2019 Featured Experts on The Life of a Single Mom team! They covered some of those hard-hitting topics that some of us try to avoid. We covered selfishness, connecting with God, finding a routine that works, remembering the good things, and all the way to dating advice (because let’s face it…as a single mom, dating is HARD).…

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What being a mom has taught me about God – Single Mum, Parents Article

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always loved God. I was raised by only my mother for several years of my life, and I was taught about the attributes of God in church and at home: He is good, holy, righteous, sovereign, and the Everlasting Father. I’d also heard that he was kind, loving, compassionate, and gentle, but to be honest, none of that registered with me. Oh, I believed those things in my head, but I didn’t…

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Self-Care for the Single Mom by Dana Che – Single Mum, Parents Article

I love to travel. Being on an airplane never gets old to me. I’m one of those who still pays attention as the flight attendant gives the same ol’ instructions that are clearly written on the finger-smeared, bent up emergency pamphlet on the seatback. One thing in particular that always intrigues me is when the flight attendant admonishes you to “put on your own oxygen mask before trying to help someone else put on theirs.” The first time I heard…

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