How much do Texas teachers get paid? Depends on where the classroom is – Single Mum, Parents Article

Dallas Single Mom The post How much do Texas teachers get paid? Depends on where the classroom is appeared first on Dallas Single MombyEva-Marie Ayala This is only a snippet of a Single Mum Parents Article written by Eva-Marie Ayala Read Full Parenting Article

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Evolution of Thankful – Dad the Single GuyDad the Single Guy – Single Dad, Parents Article

As I sat at the Thanksgiving table last night with my kids, my mom and friends I realized while the meaning behind Thanksgiving doesn’t change, we can (and I’d argue should be) aware of the evolution of thankful wrapped in the day. Without going through my entire history – Risa and I were married a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. After our honeymoon, we came home, ate turkey with our families and headed off for Dallas and what we expected…

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Welcoming Home A Veterans Day Hero – Single Dad, Parents Article

Returning to DFW airport yesterday after an out of state business trip, I️ witnessed something incredible. After landing, I️ left my plane, and on the way to the baggage claim, only two gates down from mine, I️ was stopped in my tracks.I’m a huge supporter of our military and law enforcement, so I’m a sucker for any display of patriotism. Flags, National Anthem, historical monuments, all of it. So when I️ was about to exit to the baggage claim and…

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