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How to talk to children about terrorism – Single Dad, Parents Article

I’ve been dreading some difficult conversations with my son from pretty much the first moment I set eyes upon him. The ‘birds and the bees’ chat, the ‘how to tackle bullies at school’ advice, the ‘sorry I’ve just discovered our beloved pet has karked it on the kitchen floor.’ One conversation I never expected to have has been about terrorist atrocities and my child’s chances of being affected by them. In this guide, we’re going to cover: Opening up a conversation…

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The best new ‘Dad Profiles’ to follow (PART 1) – Single Dad, Parents Article

One of the best things in doing DaddiLife is that we get to see dads across the world creating amazing social media accounts and blogs that promote better fatherhood. From guys about to become new dads, through to dads going through tougher times, these dad’s perfectly fit our mission to help ‘regular guys become superhero dads,’ and we wanted to take a moment to celebrate them with you. These accounts are less than 6 months old (at time of writing) and each have…

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The best new ‘Dad Profiles’ to follow (PART 2) – Single Dad, Parents Article

We’ve covered some of the very best new dad profiles and blogs to follow in part 1. In this section we show you even more! The single working dad – @dadduty “Being a dad hasn’t been the easiest,  in fact it might even be the most challenging, and doing it alone perhaps the most frightening” Jay Badenhorst has been through the trials, tribulations, ups and downs of being a single dad. He shares a beautiful and deeply personal account of his…

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