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Why I Am No Longer Writing About My Boring Life – Single Mum, Parents Article

My mother, in her sometimes a little too plain-speaking manner, once told me that blogging was a futile pastime because no one wants to read about other people’s boring lives. She was wrong, of course. People love reading about other people’s boring lives, just as they enjoy watching other people’s boring lives on TV, and gossiping with one another about other people’s boring lives. How else does one explain the unfathomable continued popularity of Love Island, Katie Price and magazines…

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Has The Whole World Gone Mad Or Are All The Mad People Just Really Loud? – Single Mum, Parents Article

Another day, another outrage. The current big hitter in the outrage stakes is the news that Alabama is banning abortion in all circumstances. As you do. Or at least, as you do when you want to roll back to the bucolic idyll of the 1950s, when men were men, and women were subservient housewives last seen in the Handmaid’s Tale. Now I am not from Alabama. I have never even been to Alabama, but the news is depressing, for reasons…

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