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Tips for Handling Home Isolation with Kids – Parents Article

Being stuck in quarantine isn’t easy, especially when you have little ones! Mange this period smartly with our Tips for Handling Home Isolation with Kids. We live in strange times. In fact, even our grandparents probably don’t remember a time when the entire planet was completely shut down, except perhaps those who lived in war zones. A time when no one goes to work, no one goes to school, and when we’re all hiding from an invisible enemy – unprecedented…

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11 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in India for 2019 – Parents Article

Activity Subscription Boxes for Kids are a great way to encourage your child’s creativity and brain development while weaning them off screens. If you’re a modern parent, I am 99% sure that you’re thinking of ways to cut down on your child’s screen time – whether it’s TV, computers, tablets or smart phones. I know, because I’m one among you! There’s no need for me to elaborate on the damage too much screen time is doing to our kids –…

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