Kids Halloween Hanging Wall Art Craft – Parenting Twins Article

FacebookTwitterWhatsappPinterestA simple wall hanging is easy to make and a great way to display kids’ crafts. With a free downloadable template, this Halloween hanging wall art is perfect for a party activity or to build excitement for the upcoming Holiday. And if your kid is bringing home lots of little crafts from school, this is a beautiful way to make the most of them!With a week to go until Halloween, I wanted to put something together for the kids could…

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Hands-on Fun: Fall STEAM Activities – Parents Article

As parents, many of us strive to provide our children with well-rounded experiences that, hopefully, aid them in their learning and understanding of the world. Following the STEAM model of education is a practical way of giving your preschooler (and older children) opportunities to learn a variety of skills across multiple platforms of education. These positive, fun early experiences help to ignite a child’s natural ability and their love of learning. They enhance your child’s confidence and self-esteem, cementing the…

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