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Christmas craft for kids: stars, glue and glitter – Parenting Twins Article

Just what every Christmas tree needs: stars, glue and glitter! Stars are, by far, my favorite Christmas tree decoration. They are beautiful, twinkly and heavenly. They say ‘Advent’ to me. So my Christmas craft for kids had to involve stars. And it also involved glitter, because I was feeling very brave. My mom was visiting, so we were two adults, three small crafters aged 3-5 yrs (plus one baby). No probs. These little wooden stars came from a shop called…

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8 ideas for Christmas fun for kids without focusing on gifts – Parenting Twins Article

We love  to celebrate Christmas! But we don’t really do presents (for lots of reasons). Honestly, we prefer it that way, and our kids still love Christmas time. There are so many ways to enjoy this season with our families; here are a few ideas to get us in the Christmas spirit. Supersize the tree and go to town on decorations    This is a celebration, right? Decorations mean party. Our kids love to make decorations so I’ve been scoping…

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