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Nine Signs You May Need Relationship Counselling – Parents Article

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding the idea of attending couples therapy. In the media, couples therapy is portrayed as a “last resort” that married couples only engage in when they’re on the verge of divorce. The reality of couples therapy is, however, far different: Therapy can be used to improve nearly any relationship, and it’s better to seek therapy before issues become severe. Needing assistance isn’t a sign that your relationship is destined to fall apart, either. On the…

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10 Signs Your Relationship is Healthy – Parents Article

Many of the most rewarding things in life come with their fair share of challenges, and relationships are no different. Every couple experiences ups and downs, whether they’re driven by adverse events, differing values, or periods of poor communication. However, it can be difficult to put these challenges into perspective and assess the overall health of a relationship: How do you know if you and your partner are experiencing normal conflict, or if there are deeper issues present that threaten…

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