Choices And Consequences – Joyful Reliance, Resourceful Moxie – Single Mum, Parents Article

My daughters and I have a running joke when we talk about bad situations people get themselves into. My son-in-law is a police officer, and I have worked as a 911 call taker and currently work at the Oregon State Hospital (the state psychiatric hospital). My brother-in-law is a fire fighter/paramedic. When we get together as a family, we share lots of “war” stories. Well, my brother-in-law and son-in-law more than I, because of the confidentiality we have at the…

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True Story: The Nurtured Heart Approach® and Me – Foster Parents Article

Lenore Bonilla, embrella’s Support Services Manager, shares her experiences with The Nurtured Heart Approach® Grounded.  That’s a word I became very familiar with in high school.  No, I don’t mean grounded as in “realistic” – I mean grounded as in punished, sent to my room, cut off from friends or from my computer.  I wasn’t a bad kid, really, but there were certain rules I was bad at following.  Mostly, it was my chores, and specifically, it was mowing the…

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