A Way to Protect Your Relationships from Political (and Other) Arguments – Single Dad, Parents Article

(Image/A Conscious Rethink) Donald Trump is President of the United States in 2019. Even for non-Americans, that fact can elicit radically different reactions. In the United States, these opposing, often intense, emotional reactions will poison the Thanksgiving dinner conversations of many family gatherings next month. These conversations will make friends, neighbors, and co-workers angry with each other as we head toward the 2020 presidential election. And these differences will sometimes cause division between two people who vowed to love and…

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Podcast Interview: The Mindset You Must Change if You Want a Great Marriage – Single Dad, Parents Article

(Image/ I know what you’re probably not thinking: I really want to listen to Matt blather on about conflict in relationships! And because you’re not thinking that, this is me encouraging you to start thinking about it because clearly I’m an attention-whore. Therapist and author Lesli Doares, because she’s kind and gracious, invites me onto her podcast Happily Ever After is Just the Beginning every so often to jam about relationship stuff. (You can also check out Lesli’s The Hero Husband Project…

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Would You Leave Your Spouse Over Dirty Dishes?: A Lesson on Conflict Management – Single Dad, Parents Article

(Image/HuffPost) We pulled into our parking space in Florida’s version of the “happiest place on earth,” and all of my insides were knotted up. In my left pocket was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought—a pretty pear-shaped diamond engagement ring I’d been secretly paying off for months. This felt like the place. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. She loved Disney. This felt like the time. The Fourth of July. She loved fireworks. I wasn’t tense because I was planning a…

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