My Struggle With Postpartum Self Esteem – Parenting Twins Article

For women there is a constant expectation and pressure to look a certain way. Whether it’s actresses in movies, the media picking apart celebrities, or airbrushing in your favourite magazines, we’re bombarded from every angle with how we “should” look.Add to that the toxic, often repeated, phrase of “baby weight”, and the idea that new mothers have to “bounce back” or suffer comparisons to their “pre-baby body” and it’s no wonder a lot of women’s self esteem takes a hit…

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Why Beauty Inclusivity Matters to Me and Why it Should Matter to You Too – The Real Chic Life – Single Mum, Parents Article

This is not a sponsored post though it was inspired by a recent hosted trip This past week I had the privilege of being invited to a conference in Ohio for a brand called Cacique (pronounced Cah-seek). I wasn’t very familiar with the brand but I’d seen it in its sister store when I went into Lane Bryant (typically shopping with friends or buying a gift). Lane Bryant is a plus sized clothing store for those not familiar. I would see…

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How to Be Your Own Hero – The Real Chic Life – Single Mum, Parents Article

The other day I saw the cutest meme on social media. It was a classroom assignment where the kid had been asked to name one of his/her heroes.  The young student replied “ I am one of my own hero. First I am kind to myself and Second I do things I want.” I can’t even tell you how much that resonated with me. It might not be grammatically correct but it hit the nail on the head! “Why can’t…

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