The Cunningham Family: Around Here: Week 18 2020 – Parenting Twins Article

    Starting… the week with a terrible migraine on Sunday and suffering a migraine hangover on Monday.  It was so miserable. I had to ice on Sunday and didn’t get any of the things done that I had hoped to. The rest of the week my head ached off and on. Joyful… that the ukulele that the kids got from my Grandma Pansy came.  It’s blue and so cute.  They love it.  Logan learned how to play in fourth grade with…

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The “Where’s Your Mom?” Microaggressions – Parenting Twins Article

It happened again. People who know us forgot that I was his mother. I am white. My son is Black. This is a tremendous invisible burden for him. Being asked to explain yourself or justify yourself as an adoptee is called “narrative burden.” It’s not fair to him, but it is his albatross. Every.single.time. we are out in public together, something small happens to make us feel “othered”. These tiny things add up, especially for a young impressionable child. “Microaggressions”…

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