What a Jewish Child Welfare Expert Sees in Christian Foster Care – Foster Parents Article

The national Faith Angle Forum podcast this week features Naomi Schaefer Riley – an expert on the US foster system who also happens to be Jewish – reflecting on the remarkable rise in Christian engagement in US foster care.   I joined Riley for the fast-moving conversation, which ranged from potential tech-based solutions to foster care dilemmas to the tech-based challenges all parents face today.  The discussion was facilitated by Faith Angle’s insightful host, Josh Good. You can listen here:  Naomi…

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The Stronghold of Bitterness – – Single Dad, Parents Article

This is the second in a series of behind-the-scenes blog posts regarding the book, The Single Dad Detour. At the start of Chapter 3, I mention a friend named “Rick.” A fake name for the book, but a real friend nonetheless. Rick and I were buddies from my days living in Polk County, FL. We went to church together and performed together in several drama productions at our church where I served as the Director of Theater Arts.  On page…

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Gospel Coalition: How Foster Care Became a Christian Priority – Foster Parents Article

The Gospel Coalition today released a compelling article on the growing church engagement in foster care seen across the U.S:  How Foster Care Became a Christian Priority — Just in Time.  The article by Sarah Zylstra captures the sweep of the history and what is happening today more fully than any article or research to date.  It’s well worth the read. *Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from

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