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Marriage Mondays: Better Together – Parenting Twins Article

Oh I can see  The future you and me we last forever In the rising tide No fear or fight That we can’t face together Darling You and Me We can take the world. – JohnnySwim Guess I’m feeling a bit mushy today! Today I was just thinking about how much I really rely on Jose. Then I started thinking about some of the things we’ve walked through in our life and marriage. I thought about how a lot of…

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Marriage Mondays on a Thursday? – Parenting Twins Article

I didn’t plan on writing a blog post today, but as I was reflecting on my day today, there were some things I learned and it was way too long to put it into a post, so voila! Here we are. Do you ever feel like you’re running a million miles a minute without a minute to just breathe?! After a really busy few weeks between work and life in general, Jose and I realized we really needed to schedule…

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