Easy to Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – Parenting Twins Article

With autumn here and colder days fast approaching, it’s always nice to get cosy and eat some delicious food. It’s my belief that your soul needs warm yummy food at this time of year!Having always had a sweet tooth, baking is something I’ve enjoyed since I was little. Cookies and biscuits are something I haven’t attempted to bake for a long time, but as the chilly autumn evenings have begun closing in, I’ve been called to bake something warm, chocolatey,…

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My Top 10 Easter Basket List and Giveaway — – Foster Parents Article

Giveaway Alert!!! How are we already talking about Easter? I still have a tote of Christmas ornaments I’m waiting out my husband to take to the basement. Either way, The Easter Bunny will be hopping his way into homes soon enough, bringing goodies and treats to our boys and girls (and a few of us moms). I love celebrating the Easter holiday with my family, my church, and of course, the massive meal afterwards (my plate is ready folks), however,…

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