Children and Divorce

On Father’s Day and Every Day – Single Mum, Parents Article

Lessons of love always begin in childhood with the parent/child relationship. If children feel authentically loved by a father they will grow up knowing how to love others.   Father’s Day is just another day around my house. My father passed away13 years ago and my ex-husband has no relationship with our two sons. I was blessed with a loving father who earned celebrations every day of the year. My boys, bless their hearts, ended up with the kind of…

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21 Tips to Help You Support And Understand Your Teen During Divorce – Single Mum, Parents Article

  It’s normal if a teenager doesn’t know what to think when their parents get a divorce. It can be very shocking. The thoughts and feelings going through their mind are usually confusing and scary, having very little idea of what might happen to them or their family. Some questions they might have are … “Do we have to move?” “Will I be able to go to college?” “Is this my fault?” “Will I see my father?” “What will my…

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